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❝ The Flame Alchemist ❞

『炎の錬金術師 』

Roy Mustang
Room 8240 (Deck 05)
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Basic Info

Name: Roy Mustang
Aliases: The Flame Alchemist, Colonel Bastard
Birthplace: Resembool, Amestris
Date of Birth: September 29th, 1885
Age: 29 [during storyline]
Family: "Madam Christmas" (foster mother)
Species: Human
Occupation: State Alchemist
Abilities: Flame Alchemy
Weapons: Alchemy
Unique Traits:
❶ Gloves create a spark that he turns to flame with alchemy
❷ Known as a womanizer
❸ Aims to be Führer one day
❹ Haunted by memories of the Ishbalan Massacre
❺ Seeks to avenge the murder of his best friend and subordinate, Maes Hughes
Goal: To be Führer and never be forced to follow unreasonable orders again.


Roy Mustang is a Colonel within the National Amestris Army. He was born in 1885. Not much is known about his upbringing - it is likely he is either an orphan or was abandoned, for he was raised by his foster mother, Chris Mustang (known as "Madam Christmas"). Mustang is stationed at East City Headquarters, in charge of a myriad of activities (from run-of-the-mill routine inspections to criminal investigations). He works under the direct supervision of Lieutenant General Grumman, an elder man who trusts and relies on Mustang rather heavily. Lieutenant General Grumman also happens to be the grandfather of Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye.

As having one of the higher ranks in East City, Roy has a decent number of men under his command. Interestingly enough, however, is that those whom Roy considers closest to him can all be counted on one hand: First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is without a doubt his right hand (as well as the person he's known for the longest time), Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc, Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda, Sergeant Major Kain Fuery, and Warrant Officer Vato Falman. Roy trusts these five with his life, and they in turn trust their lives with him. These five are also willing to risk everything for him and his goals.

One of the most significant events in Roy's life was the Ishbal War. It was there that he (as the Flame Alchemist), along with other National Certified Alchemists, was dispatched to serve as a human weapon by Führer King Bradley. He, like other State Alchemists, were used as human weapons in the massacre - to this day, memories of war still haunt his memories and guide his actions.

Right off the bat, Roy's first impressions are strong. The Flame-Colonel is a man who is not afraid to speak his mind (in public or elsewhere). He has a penchant for talking openly about a date, or how the murder of one of his superiors would mean having a higher rank available for him, and never fails to point out how certain actions/situations will further lead him to a promotion in the ranks. He also bolsters a facade of unyielding confidence - one who is sure of his own abilities and experience. He is also quite fairly easy-going, laid-back, and has a penchant for severe procrastination.

What makes Roy's character so intriguing is that facades are indeed just that. Roy's personality is deliberately misleading by nature; few people have seen what lies behind his mask. The persona Roy portrays is a methodically calculated one, for Roy's openness should not be merely taken at face-value. As a result, much of his actions, language, and dialogue has a double meaning. He proves to be a rather complicated man. Whether you spend five minutes or three hours with him you will know nothing about who Roy Mustang is, or why he ticks. Part of his intrigue as a person is precisely that Roy chooses who he wants to be known by, and how he wants to be known. He is quite adept at feigning a calculated persona for bystanders. Such a facade is Roy's defense mechanism for keeping people from getting close to him, while simultaneously concealing his true motives for his actions. For those who can get to see past his facades, if only even barely, they find themselves captivated and inspired by Roy and are unable to abandon his side.

The most prevalent characteristics that resonate, both internally and externally, through Roy is his relentless and tenacious determination. He does not give up at anything. He follows his convictions until their end. Roy does not know how to give in, fold, or succumb to defeat. Roy also has an innate and keen sense of leadership, which is provided and enhanced by the great respect he is able to ascertain and utilize, from both his allies and enemies. Roy's intelligence is also, not surprisingly, far above average (as can be seen in his tactical and quick rise through military ranks as he simultaneously conducts his secret ambitions/plans). Roy has a penchant for not only bringing undying loyalty out of people, but also for reciprocating such loyalty to such people, as well as to the duties he's placed upon himself. Roy cares deeply for those his is close to and always makes sure everyone knows what they're getting themselves into and that it's their own decision and no one else's. This is not to say that there are times when he hides some information from them, but such decisions are never out of malice, but, because he considers it best for those concerning the mission (best for them emotionally).

Contact Details

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➨ LiveJournal: wicked_seraph